How to Prepare for a Surgical Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement is a very socially acceptable type of cosmetic treatment used today. Making a decision on a specific method of cosmetic treatment for this purpose is seemingly daunting.

However, it does not need to be, especially if you know how to prepare for a surgical treatment if this is what you want. Knowing what you are getting your self into as you prepare for this method of breast enhancement is the first move towards success.

Making necessary preparations beforehand will help once you’ve had your breast enhancement surgery will make your recovery easier. For instance, you might want to complete one or more of the following steps:

Make sure you have someone to carry you home after surgery, and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours. Buy a few larger bras, but not padded bras; pad them, and wear them under your clothes. This will help you get used to your new size. Most women wish they had gone bigger, and by "trying the size on" you will realize how quickly you get used to having larger breasts.

You should drink a lot of water in the days prior to your surgery. This may help ward off nausea after your surgery. It will also keep your body hydrated, which is always important no matter what surgical procedure you undergo.

You will want to practice sleeping on your back and/or propped up on pillows, because you will be sleeping like this for a few days (at least) after your surgery.

If your period is due around the time of your scheduled surgery date, make sure you let your surgeon know. This could be an issue and if necessary you may need to put it on hold.

If you smoke, you need to quit for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. If you cannot quit, cut back as much as you possibly can. Furthermore, realize in general that smoking can increase risk of breast cancer and also can increase chance of complications during and after this type of cosmetic treatment.

Wear loose-fitting clothes to surgery. A button or zip-up top is preferable, with pull-on pants, and slip-on shoes/sneakers. Have easy-to-wear clothes ready. Once you have had your surgery, you will be wearing button-up shirts for a week or so (possibly longer) so have these, and pull-on pants ready so that you don't have to search for them after the surgery.

Clean your house and do all the laundry a day or two before your surgery, so that you don't have to worry about it for several days after surgery. Do all of your grocery shopping and buy enough to last for 2 weeks.

Buy simple, light foods at the grocery store, such as crackers, puddings, jello, soups, applesauce, etc., in case you don't have much of an appetite. Cook some meals ahead of time and freeze them.

Have a heating pad handy for your back, as it may get sore due to your sleeping positions early post-op. Do not put a heating pad on your breasts. They will most likely be numb after the procedure is completed and you could inadvertently burn yourself.

If you apply these tips it should make your breast enhancement recovery time go much smoother. Soon enough you will be back on your feet and will be most likely looking and feeling better than ever.