Curvy Bust Review

Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream

Having a larger, firmer, fuller bust line can help even the most beautiful woman appear even more attractive and feel that much more confident in her own skin. A combination of actions can assist women in achieving their goals of having healthier and more appealing breasts.

These can range from embarking on a healthier lifestyle through dietary changes on a healthier lifestyle through dietary changes and regular physical exercises to breast augmentation surgery.

Not surprisingly, breast augmentation surgery will give faster and more dramatic results when compared with diet and exercise alone. Surgery however is both invasive and risky. As such, more natural alternatives which can mirror the results achieved by surgery are recommended.

Natural topical creams like Curvy Bust that are designed to enlarge and enhance the breasts provide a great alternative to surgery and a complement to diet and exercise for those opting for lifestyle changes.

Even on its own, this cream is still effective in getting the job done. To top it all off, it carries none of the life-threatening risks of surgery, and still works whether or not lifestyle changes are made.

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Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream

How Curvy Bust Works: Ingredients And Terms Of Use

This review would not be complete without letting you know how Curvy Bust does what it claims. For starters, this cream has an all-natural herb based formula which works naturally with the body’s chemistry to increase the fullness and firmness of the breast tissues. This gives the breasts their overall improved appearance.

Due to its natural herbs and ingredients, this product has virtually no side effects when it starts to work, so women need not fear that they are in anyway harming themselves.

Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream

Some of the active herbs used in Curvy Bust include:

  • Dandelion Root
  • Damiana
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Oat Bran
  • Dong Quai Sabal
  • Wild Mexican Yam
  • Motherwort

Once applied to the skin of the breast/chest area, the cream is quickly absorbed into the surface of the skin where it begins to take effect. Once absorbed, the primary ingredients begin to encourage the production of tissue growth hormones (which the body naturally produces before stopping at a particular point). The production of this hormone allows the breast to grow in size and develop firmness naturally. Importantly, the breast will not get any larger than is already biologically determined by the individual woman’s own body.

Here is a video featuring an testimonial about Curvy Bust:

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The Advantages Of Using Curvy Bust

– Fast Results

The manufacturers of this cream guarantee that women who use the product as directed will begin to see positive results within two months. An increase of up to three cup sizes can be expected in six weeks or less. As a bonus, the product balances out any unevenness in the breasts (should one be noticeably larger than the other) and balances the hormones in the body.

– No Negative Side Effects

Due to its herbal base and the fact that it is designed to work with the body’s natural chemistry, Curvy Bust is safe to use without experiencing any negative effects. The product can even be used while taking birth control pills without experiencing any adverse effects. The only real side effect of using this product is improved self-confidence and a more attractive appearance.

– Easy Application

This product is easily applied through gently rubbing a generous amount into the skin of the breast and chest area. The cream can be applied by starting at the nipples and continuing outward in a circular motion until the entire breast (each) has been properly treated.

– Cost Effective

For a product that promises so much, you can buy Curvy Bust at a very affordable US$4.00 as Trial. At this price just about everyone can have a great looking pair of breasts.

Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream

The Disadvantages Of Using Curvy Bust

  • In order to get best results, it must be used regularly for a minimum time period of six weeks.
  • Curvy Bust breast cream is not recommended for women who are under 18 years in age.


Considering the fact that it comes with a comprehensive 60 days guarantee and it is not as expensive as other commonly available breast enhancement options in the marketplace, Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream is definitely worth a try.

Curvy Bust breast enlargement cream

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  1. Niki says

    I m interested to Enlarged my Breast .but i want some confirmation about time limit , i m 28 old.

  2. Janet says

    Hi Niki,
    Most women start to see noticeable changes between 3-6 weeks. I recommend to use Curvy Bust at least 3 months for optimal results.

  3. carla says

    What happens when you stop using the cream? Would the breasts go back to what they were or will they stay as the “new and improved” ? Is this a cream that needs to be taken continuously every day to ensure the breasts stay the same size?


  4. Janet says

    Hi Carla,
    Curvy Bust grows new breast tissue, so the results will be permanent, however your breasts will still age naturally, and can change from hormone fluctuations and if you lose weight.

  5. EVe says

    Solo.. I have been using naturalful for a week… I have always had small boobs, after breastfeeding 4 kids, I don’t even have a size, I wear sports bras. I am noticing a change, but it seems that one is enlarging faster.. Is this normal.

  6. Janet says

    Hi Eve
    It depends on how your breasts would naturally develop as this is exactly what is happening. If one is developing faster than the other I would recommend applying 2x a day on the slower one and 1x a day on the larger one. Watch the growth of both and adjust accordingly after contacting me.

  7. tara says

    I’m worried that this will not work for me, if I see no results, is there a money back guarantee or is this just a take a risk kind of product?

  8. ashley graves says

    hi I have a question I am a 27 year old and im a transgender ive been on female hormone for 5 years it has changed my appearance a lot but I have no boobs will Curvy Bust help me

  9. Janet says

    Hi Ashley,
    Yes according to the manufacturer of this product it will also work for transgenders.

  10. Janet says

    Yes Azalea you can and it really works. It even help reduce the symptoms of menopause.

  11. Mel says

    This might sound like a silly question but I was wondering if the cream makes your breasts grow, will it do anything to your hands when applying? Do you have to wear gloves?

  12. Janet says

    Hi Mel,
    No you don’t have to wear gloves. The ingredients in the cream only affect the growth of your breasts.

  13. Malathi says


    Am having very small breast. Really feeling a lot for it.. I just want to know, is it necessary to use the cream only when we take bath? And also like after applying the cream we need to do any massage??

    Thanks In advance.

  14. Janet says

    Hi Malathi,
    No you can also use a hot damp compress and leave it on your breasts for 30-45 seconds. This will open up your pores. For best results do this twice a day. Breast massage isn’t really necessary but it could stimulate breast growth for faster results.

  15. Noureen says

    Hey ,, my one breast is larger than the other , I want to make them equal in size . What should I do ?

  16. Malathi says


    Thanks a lot for your quick response. One more doubt… I am 24 yrs old(unmarried). In future it will affect secretion of milk after pregnancy.


  17. Janet says

    Hi Malathi,
    No this product won’t affect secretion of milk after pregnancy. It is really safe.

  18. Janet says

    Hi Noureen,
    You should apply the cream only on the smaller breast till they are equal in size.

  19. Amanda says

    Hi, I am looking into something to help enlarge my breasts. My question is: I breastfeed; is it safe to use it while I’m breastfeeding? (doing this has unfortunately shriveled them up quite a bit…)

  20. Britney says

    Hey okay so I’m 19 and I lost an axing amount of weight soy breast are really small does it matter how old you are to use the cream will it have any affects on my body because I’m a little younger ? Also I use the patch as a form of birth control will it be effected as well ?

  21. Janet says

    Hi Britney,
    You can use the breast cream if you are 18 years or older and it is safe to use together with any form of birth control.

  22. Karen says

    So far really enjoying this product! Saw improvements in the first week and now 5 weeks in can report 1/2 inch growth. Almost 48 years old and was unhappy with small, low mass breasts after pumping for 2 years with children. Gaining fullness and really happy so far with results! Hoping for more at the 6 month recommended mark!!

  23. brinda says

    I m 27 year old and my breast r very loose.I wann make it tight. Will this cream help me in anyways.
    And can I buy it in store anywhere in Sydney ?

  24. Janet says

    Hi Brinda,
    Yes the cream will not only increase your breast size but will make them more firm as well. You can only buy Curvy Bust online, it is not available in stores.

  25. samina says

    Dear madam
    I have very small size breast.kindly tell me how much period they given the result to me?
    Your cream is available in Pakistan?

  26. Janet says

    Hi Samina,
    Most women see results within 1 a 2 months but it can take up to 6 months to reach your breast size goal. Curvy Bust is only available online but they do ship to Pakistan.

  27. Leanne says

    Hello, I am a 26 year old female and am on a diet and looking to loose 31 more pounds. Can I use the cream while on my diet or should I wait until I reach my goal weight. I have noticed that my already small A cup boobs are getting a little smaller :( Also, about how long would it take for me to reach a C cup?

  28. Janet says

    Yes Leanne you can use the cream while on diet. It could take 6 a 7 months to reach a C cup but it is very different from woman to woman.

  29. Tiffany says

    I have been using Curvy Bust for a month now and it seems to be working (there is no longer a gap between my bra and breasts). I am however experiencing a prolonged period (about 3 weeks long now). Has this been reported before? I am normally very regular 3-5 days long and this started after I had been using it for about a week.

  30. Janet says

    Hi Tiffany,
    Every woman’s body reacts differently to the slight increases of estrogen using Curvy Bust. Some women will notice shortened periods, others may notice slightly longer ones while others notice a reduction in PMS symptoms. This is very individual to the woman.

  31. (Nancy) Aganetha wiebe says

    Hi l am interested to used cream to have a bigger breast so did you send to Canada to.

  32. (Nancy) Aganetha wiebe says

    Hi thanks so much for the answer
    so can I ordered to home or mailing address

  33. Janet says

    Yes Nancy just fill in the online form on their website and they will send the product to your home.

  34. Janet says

    Hi Jhanice,
    I think it is safe to use when you have a thyroid problem but to be sure contact your doctor. The ingredients in the cream are Sabal, Damiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root, Oat Bran, Wild Mexican Yam, Motherwort.

  35. (Nancy) Aganetha wiebe says

    Hi thanks for your information and hopefully I can finding something for my self thanks

  36. Shaquera says

    Hey, I’m 21 years old and I have 2 beautiful kids and my partner does not want me having surgery so what I’d like to know is if I’m a small B how long would it take to reach a large C or small D?

  37. Janet says

    Hi Shaquera
    That is very different from woman to woman. Most women start to see results within 2 months but it could take up to 5-7 months to reach your desired breast size.

  38. Teppi says

    Hi Janet, Im using some Clarins products to lift up and firm my bust (bust beauty extra lift gel and bust beauty firming lotion). Can I use Naturalful at the same time with the Clarins products? I don’t want to stop using The Clarins and I want to enlarge my bust with Naturalful. Do you thing is there any interfere? Thanks!

  39. Janet says

    Hi Teppi,
    I have checked the ingredients in these Clarins products and I see no harm in using them together with Curvy Bust :)

  40. Tammy says

    I used to sell another product like this. If they are applying cream to both breast at same time, rubbing toward each other we found one breast grew more than the other. The same direction needs to be used when applying cream to each breast.

  41. mark says

    sorry to brother you but is there any other affects. only saw 3 male testimony’s. will it show up in blood or urine that am a bit female. defiantly want this and will be ordering soon

  42. pearl says

    Am in Africa Nigeria to be precise. Am interested in this cream,is there a way I can buy it online and get it here in Nigeria?
    Pls ill so much like it if I can.

  43. Michelle says

    Hi, I’m a 19 year-old woman, and I would like to reach a 34D thanks to Curvy Bust. I am currently a 34B. Do you think it’s even possible? Has there been any testimony of such growth? Do Curvy Bust ship to France?
    And one last question : Are the results permanent? I wouldn’t like to be dependent on that cream more than 6-7 months. It would be really complicated to apply it the rest of my life.

  44. Elizabeth says

    Hi Janet. I just wanna ask, how long does it take to be delivered? ….and is it guaranteed that if I make my order I’ll surely get it? Pls confirm

  45. Janet says

    Hi Elizabeth, Shipping can take about two days to a couple of weeks, depending where you live. Yes you will surely get it.

  46. countess says

    Are the results you receive from this product lasting results? Or do you have to keep using this product?

  47. Yhan says


    I am 23 yrs old is that safe for me to use it? And is there a way to pay it cash or can deposit to account? Thanks

  48. Briana says

    Hey Janet, i purchased my cream two days ago and im just waiting for the package to come in. My cycle is around the corner, should i wait after my cycle is over to start, or can i begin it as soon as i get it. I guess i’m asking because i know the cream is suppose to help with pms, but i am already in the middle of pms symptoms right now. lol

  49. Janet says

    Hi Vera
    Yes you may still use Curvy Bust, however keep in mind if you are losing weight your progress may be slower. There are Curvy Bust customers who are losing weight and find that this helps prevent weight loss in their breasts, and once they reach their desired weight loss you may still continue to see more results. If you are dieting and working out to maintain, this should not affect your results :)

  50. Briana says

    Hi Janet,
    I have received my naturalful and i have started using it. There’s only one concern, will there be any interruptions in the growing process while my husband and i are being intimate? Will i have to reapply naturalful afterwards everytime? Sorry if too personal. :/

  51. Janet says

    Hi Briana,
    No you don’t have to. Once applied the cream will be absorbed into the skin. You can use a blow drier to speed up the process.

  52. Felz says

    Hi Janet,

    Do they ship to Vanuatu?
    I am 32A don’t like it at all…
    Can you tell me how to buy this cream?
    And how long will it takes to reach my country?

  53. Janet says

    Hi Felz,
    I think they do ship to Vanuatu. You can check this on their site. You need a creditcard to buy this product on their website. Most people received their order within 2 weeks depending which Country you live.

  54. felz says

    Thank you Janet,

    How long can we use one box of Curvy Bust cream?
    Is it for one month only or more?
    I’ve already order mine, and i’m still waiting for it.
    Maybe it will arrive in two weeks time as you said.
    Can’t wait to try it..

    Do you think from 32A i can gain a B size or even a C??

  55. Janet says

    Hi Felz,
    Yes one jar is for one month. It is possible to gain 2+ full cup sizes but it depend on different factors like how you are build and how long you use it.

  56. Lexie Reed says

    Hi, im Lexie, 18 yrs old. I ordered these due to the favt that i had a heart surgery a while back and i have no cleavage at all and the only way i can get my boobs to shape as actual boobs is thru a push up bra. I am a C cup well a small c cup but will this cream help my boobs shape into a much rounder and firmer boobs? And how long would that take. I honestly dont need bigger breasts i just want my boobs to shape like normal boobs…

  57. Janet says

    Hi Lexie,
    Curvy Bust can definitely help to increase fullness in your breasts to help provide a more fuller and rounder look :) Keep in mind it can take 2 to 3 months to create enough breast tissue to begin seeing these changes and 6 to 9 months to reach maximum gains. You may stop applying the cream once you reach your desired results!