Perfect Woman Review

Perfect Woman is a breast enhancement cream proven to increase users’ breast size by 3-4 cup sizes. It increases breast size and firmness with FDA approved all-natural ingredients. The cream is produced, packaged, and distributed in the United States in an FDA approved laboratory in order to ensure that this product is safe to use. Perfect Woman is a non-prescription enhancement cream intended for use as a natural supplement.

The product stimulates new growth in mammary glands in a natural way: it encourages your body to release the same hormones that are released during puberty or pregnancy, and results in enhanced breast size. The primary active ingredient in Perfect Woman is wild yam extract, an herb high in natural estrogen. Yam extract, like the estrogen produced during puberty or pregnancy, stimulates cell growth and increases water retention in breasts.

How Does Perfect Woman Work?

Perfect Woman is entirely non-invasive, and is applied on the surface of the skin as opposed to other methods such as orally taken pills or potentially dangerous surgical breast enhancement or implants. Unlike pills, breast enhancement cream avoids your digestive tract and internal organs, and does not spread throughout your body: it is focused directly on the area it is designed to enhance.

Apply perfect Woman Cream to both breasts once a day either in the morning or the evening, and works best when applied after a shower in order to enhance absorption. The cells that are created as Perfect Woman begins to stimulate the mammary glands are permanent. As a result, continued usage of the cream will retain the enhancements. Often, increases in breast size will become noticeable within just 4 weeks. In only 3 months, many customers have reported increases from 3 to 4 cup sizes.

Minor soreness in the breasts may occur during the program, but this is not a cause for much concern as it fades away with time. It is caused by the natural release of estrogen, which spurs the growth of breasts during puberty and pregnancy.

Besides this minor soreness, Perfect Woman has no known side effects, and can even help reduce the symptoms of insomnia, PMS, and menopause.

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